WIPE unselected #1

Friday 31.01.2020,
19.00 - 22.00
Str. 6, 2nd floor
13359 Berlin


With this show, we are opening a new series of screenings of amateur films in the studios of various artists in Berlin. The peculiarity of this series is in the absence of a selection of works - we will show all the films that we will receive as part of special open calls, which you can get to know about from our media channels, such as a Facebook page for example. By showing films in the atelier of artists, we want to show a direct connection between amateur film making and contemporary art, a connection that, like the whole phenomenon of amateur cinema, however, remains hidden for
the general public.
The first show of the series will be held at the studio of the artist Ulrika Segerberg.

"Let Me Tell You", Bruna Gala, Portugal, 17:48
"A Second Home", Ádám Nagy, Hungary, 39:31
"Bench", Keith McEvoy, Ireland, 4:14
"Ephimera", Santiago Echeverri, Germany, 4:36
"At That Time", Fadel Irfan, Indonesia, 9:36
"Llymph Gil", Boo Whiting, Katie Broderick and Lucy Courtnall, United Kingdom, 10:49
"Stockholm Noir", Olof Sylvén, Sweden, 5:09