ceramic, video loop, sound, chairs, table, textile, bucket, plastic pond,
potatoes, parasol frame, water, moth
dimensions variable
Iron Sweat Hormones, HilbertRaum, Berlin (DE) 2018

Decay, video, 3:01
lyrics and voice - Ulrika Segerberg
electronics - Martin Kleinmichel



The raven sits by the pond
got his black colour
from an angry god
he was white
now he is black
this is how we punish our messangers
he was white
now he is black
with guilty eyes he spread his wings
from a tree he looks down on me
this is how we
punish our messengers
watch me
wie ich mich in meinem garten auflöse
next day I found a frog
he used to live in the pond
stiff body
head like a hole
I buried him in the black soil
his legs so long
the hole
oh so deep
thousands of jelly eggs
sticks to her body
potential frogs
will forever keep her company
watch her
wie sie sich in ihrem garten auflöst